Aloha and Ohana

The Royal Kona Luau incorporates many traditions in their presentation of a traditional luau. This luau takes special care to emphasize the importance of bringing together family and friends to all enjoy a Hawaiian style feast. Ohana and aloha are cornerstones that remain an essential theme of luaus. Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family and a lot of the traditional customs and ceremonies all surround this grouping. The root of the word hana means work, you have to put work into your family to build stronger bonds.

While aloha can mean hello and goodbye, it is also the word for love. Alo is the hawaiian word for face and ha is the word for breath. To say aloha as a greeting you were to share the sight of each other and breath together. The traditional aloha greeting was for two people to put their heads against one another and take a deep breath in tandem. The luau is not just an occasion for people to just show up and eat. Its a ceremony of togetherness and love between everyone present.